Sunday, October 4, 2009

Average Week

Just life this week - not exciting. Not boring by any stretch, just, well - average. LOL

Monday - I am giving my "Meal Planning 101" class at the high school. If you are from Royal and want some tips/tricks about meal planning - stop on by the home ec room at the high school at 6:00 pm. Not sure when I'll get home, so we will have some of the leftover chicken soup from Sunday.

Tuesday - We haven't had time between with volleyball to go to WW, I think I am holding my own. KK has asked for Hamburger Stroganoff, one of her favorite things. I do make it with reduced fat ingredients, but it is by no means diet friendly. But, she has been working hard at volleyball, so I thought I'd let her have her favorite.

Wednesday - I have been wanting to do more Indian food, I really loved the Tikki Masala. I found Indian Tandoori Chicken to try. Since grilling weather as gone, I will just bake in the oven. This Sweet Potato Curry looks like it would be an interesting side.

Thursday - KK has a volleyball game - so we are going to keep it simple and warm. SS asked for quesadillas this week, so we will have those with homemade potato soup. I make potato soup just like my mom, very simply. Potatoes cooked with celery and onions, a little butter and finished with milk. I do thicken mine with a little bit of cornstarch, and since we don't drink whole or 2% milk like I did when I was a kid, I usually add a little bit of fat free half and half for a richer flavor than fat free milk can provide.

Friday - Let's go Mexican, shall we? I usually make a red sauce for enchiladas, but how about something different. Green chile chicken enchiladas. I will make "Gem's" rice - maybe if I keep trying the chickies will say it is as good as hers! LOL Probably not.

Saturday - I never got burgers made last weekend. We will try again today. Everybody share your favorite burger recipe!!!!

Sunday - So far this week we've had two comfort dishes (stroganoff & potato soup), Indian, Mexican, and American (burgers). What's missing???? Asian, of course! Three on Food had this little Sweet and Sour Chicken number last week. I don't think I'll fry in oil, rather do my "oven-fry" trick with cooking spray before adding the sauce. SS's favorite thing Asian? Egg Drop Soup. She will think I'm amazing when I present her with this!! LOL I think I'll add a few peas like her favorite restaurant does.

I hope you are having a great week in your world, average or not. Hey, got a minute - click annoying google ad. :)

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Katy ~ said...

My friend, you are above average, grins.

Susie said...

Awww... Thanks Katy!!

Kathy said...

Susie - I love Potato soup. My mother made it with potatoes, onions, milk and butter and a little salt. Such a great comfort food!!

I love average weeks. I just don't get very many of them during the fall. :-(