Friday, November 21, 2008

Piano Lessons

SS has started taking piano lessons (she had her 2nd this past Thursday). It was something she has asked to do for quite awhile, but we always did clogging and I didn't really want to add another night of activities to our world (I'm not really an out and about person in the evenings kinda person these days - I like to be home puttering my kitchen, being on the 'puter and generally hanging with the chickies!).

So, when we found out that there wouldn't be clogging classes this year, I found (or to be exact Mrs. S found) a sweet girl locally who gives lessons. First priority - she had to clean her room up completely to get to go to lessons (this was a feat in itself!), which she did with flying colors.

During the first lesson, my heart swelled with "I love this silly kid". It was basics, how to hold your hands - two notes and counting the notes in a measure.

I'm not a musical person - I don't have great rhythm. I had a tough time being a band geek in school, I was always tapping my foot to try to stay in time. BUT, the part I did enjoy was reading the music - so, I've been perusing keyboards and decided that I might want to learn how to play too! I think it would be fun, and I remembered how as a little girl I was totally enthralled with an organ that a friend of my parents had in their house.

Stay tuned (hahahahahah I crack myself up!) and see if it is a cool as I think!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

There are Just Random Times

.... that I miss my mom. Most days, after 5 years of being without her - I've learned to cope. "They" (ya know, the infamous they) told me that the sadness, missing, and hurt would get better with time. And it has. (Don't ya just hate it when "they" are right?!?!!?).

But on occasion, there are times I would like her to pat my hand and say "Sweetie, whoever told you life is fair was lying to you". Tonight I wish she was here with me to offer her love, support, and unusual little phrases of wisdom. That was my mom's job in my life. To be the person who loved me no matter what - I could be fat, skinny, smart, a dork, a little girl, a woman, a mom myself........ she loved all those parts of me.

It's just a little pity party, I promise to get on the lighter side again soon. (Maybe when it isn't dark at 4:15!).

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Friday, November 14, 2008

A Day In May

Last May, before I started working at the school, I was sitting at my little computer desk in the living room and something caught my eye out the window.

Imagine my shock when I saw THESE guys. Those are bulls, people. Not just plain ol' cows, but bulls.

They were walking and munching and looking at me.

Immediately I called the people I was sure they belonged to and then grabbed up the camera, because I am pretty sure not many people I know can fathom the thought of bulls on your front lawn!

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Thanksgiving Food Thoughts

The past couple of years, we have spent Turkey Day at The Smith's. It is always a day full of yummy food, kids, and making me glad (yet again) that Mrs. S. is my friend. Besides, she has to worry about the main things: turkey & stuffing and then I get to show up with a few dishes that fulfill my need to be culinary. It is a winning situation for me!

This year I want to take an appetizer, 2 side dishes (well, okay maybe 3! LOL) and a dessert that the pie-hating SS will eat. (Seriously, no pie, no cobbler, no crisp: no fruit fillings, no cream fillings, not even pumpkin, nada - I'm even afraid to make a chicken pot pie these days because she would starting crying "but I don't like pie!"). So, I'm considering going with some kinda spice or carrot cake or something of that nature. I'm still pondering.

So far, I've decided on a few things: I'm definitely going with my Cooking Friend Breeze's version of Green Bean Casserole, it is very good. Last year I made a Cranberry Orange Sauce from Tyler Florence that I even liked, and I'm not a big fan of cranberry sauces - so it will probably make another appearance. Mrs. S. has requested the periannal Thanksgiving side of..... coleslaw???? LOL I do believe she wants it more for leftovers with her turkey sandwich, but I'm happy to obilige with my other Cooking Friend Kathye's recipe for "Everlasting Coleslaw". This stuff rocks the world!!!!

Everlasting Coleslaw

Heat 1 c white vinegar and 1 1/2 c sugar until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat. Dissolve one envelope of Knox unflavored gelatin in 1/4 c cold water and add to the vinegar and sugar mixture. Let cool, and then beat in 1 c of vegetable oil. Add 1 t celery seed, 1 t salt and 1/4 t (+/-) black pepper and pour over the following cut up vegetables:

6 - 8 c shredded cabbage
2 c grated carrots
1 medium onion, chopped
1 c chopped green pepper
2 c chopped celery

Toss and refrigerate at least 24 hours before serving. Stir a couple of times to keep all the veggies in the dressing.

As soon as a decide on my appetizer and dessert, rest assured all be talking about that too!

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Homecoming Week plus Halloween

Since KK is now a 6th grader and in middle school, we had our first taste of the dress-up days and this year, Halloween was thrown in for good measure!

KK had a handle on the "Crazy Hair Day". She wanted her very own 'fro and I did my best to oblige!

My favorite day was "Super Hero or Teacher Day". KK didn't want to be Supergirl or Wonder Woman, instead she said "I want to be Mrs. C." How cool is that???

Not to be outdone by KK getting all the fun all week long, SS and I dressed up for Halloween.

SS was a terrific "Japanese Girl" and I was really impressed at how well she turned out!

I was a "little girl" - what could be better than wearing your jammies to work??

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I Miss Summer

So, to relive those wonderful days when it wasn't almost dark by 4:15 and it wasn't raining for days on end, let's look at our trip to Ocean Shores last August.

Here are my chickies & I all dressed and ready for dinner out. We went to a seafood restaurant and SS scarfed down a whole bucket of clams and KK & I had our first oyster shots. YUM!

Here is the surf the next morning and the chickies after a quick romp. I didn't think they would want to go in since it was so cold, but they were hearty and rolled up the pants and went for it! I guess I'd forgotten that when you are a kid, it really doesn't matter - its the ocean!

We were kinda freaked out this first time we saw these signs!

Let's not forget Daisy! She wore her booties so that she wouldn't get sand on her feet. She was so tired after our weekend away!

One afternoon outside of Westport we ended up at a beach that had the most sand dollars I'd ever seen. They were all whole, and some were even still alive! We gathered them up for this picture. There were also awesome agates and other assorted pretties all over. We had great time hunting for them all.

It was much cooler on the coast then we are use to over here in the desert, but we had a great time. Since I'm such a horrible driver, it did seem like a long drive (5 + hours) but it was definitely worth it! Hopefully, we can do it again!

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