Friday, October 24, 2008

Summer 2008 - The Recap

Summer seemed to fly by at a break-neck speed this year. Here's a quick recap of some of the highlights.

June was full of many activities - Hot Shots basketball camp, Vacation Bible School, Mrs. S's 40th birthday bash and my adjusting to working full-time again after having so many months of a much slower (if somewhat poorer - LOL) life.

Once July hit, it seemed to have whizzed by much too quickly. The highlight was the girls week long trip to Camp Zanika Leche. They were so excited and so grown-up. I did expect SS to have a little bit of trouble (i.e. tears) but she started saying "Bye Mom" the minute we arrived!

I had BIG plans of what I would accomplish and get to do with a whole week without my "mom duties", but it turned out much differently than I was thinking. The Monday I had a wisdom tooth removed and by the time I felt better on Wednesday and I missing them so terribly I couldn't even gather up enough gumption to do anything fun. We have been apart before, but never have we had a "no contact" order. Although, in an emergency I could have gotten a hold of the girls (and vice versa) the camp thinks contact is best kept to letters. I understand the reason, but boy did it make my week long!

But, soon enough I did get my little munchkins back and I was so happy to see them I decided to make a day of of touristy activities closer to home that we never take the time to go to.

We started with a stop at Smallwoods Harvest. Be sure and check out the "cow train" in the farm fun section! I even rode it - it is basically grampa pulling everybody all over the farm with the John Deere Gator. At $2 a head, I think they are making a killing! I even rode and I must say it was fun - especially when he drove through the sprinklers! This is also where I we went on a tasting frenzy - they little tastings set up of lots of things in the mercantile.... pickled things, butters, jams, hot sauces. KK even suckered me into buying her a jar of pumpkin butter even though I was sure I could make me own!

Next we stopped at the The Cashmere Pioneer Village and Museum. It was pretty cool, we all enjoyed it quite a lot. They had extensive collections of both kinds of artifacts. They gave the girls little papers with a list of things they could see if they could find. It made it fun - and they were really looking at all the things.

Next stop was the Aplets and Cotlets Factory Tour. That was mostly the gift shop since the factory was closed since it is Saturday, but we did see the equipment and enjoy the free samples. We couldn't resist buying some too.

Next it was lunch/early dinner at a cool 50's dinner called Studebakers. It was next to the biggest antique stores I've ever been into. KK exclaimed "it is as big as a Wal-mart!".

Finally we rounded out our day with a stop at a fruit stand that makes the but handmade fresh-fruit milkshakes. It was the only place we went I couldn't find online! LOL It was still a terrific raspberry milkshake!

Summer went to fast this year. Here's to next year!!

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