Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Meal Plan Return!

I'm back!  I didn't really mean to take the summer off from meal planning/blogging - but I was feeling pretty uninspired for awhile.  I felt like I was making very redundant meal plans and was just being "zzzzzzzzzzz'sville" for everybody!

But - I've decided I'm much happier with a plan - so hear we go again!  School is starting this week and I have so many new recipes I want to develop and new recipes I want to try - I need a place to keep myself straight!   I hope you all will remember to go over to my Facebook Hick Chick WA fan page and "like" me - I have been very faithful over there talking about what's for dinner.  

Monday - I decided to jump back in meal planning this week because I'm going to be having dinner out - at least 3 days this week.  Tonight the Chickies and I are going  to Ellensburg to have dinner/visit with my "oldest   friend" (not in age - but in we've been friends since I was 3 years old!).  I'm thrilled that somebody who was my very first friend is my friend some 39 or so years later!  We are going to check out the Ellensburg Pasta Company.  The Chickies and I will also hit the Fred Meyer for (hopefully) so great back-to-school deals!

Tuesday - Okay... I promised to start blogging again - whether or not we are having exciting dinners or not.  And here it is.......... Shake N Bake pork chops.  "zzzzzzzzzzzzz"  LOL But it is such a favorite around here.  It jazz up the world - if I can get some fresh corn on the cob - I'd try to make creamed corn.  

Wednesday - The last "official" day of summer.  School starts tomorrow.  Where did my summer go?? Please give it back!  LOL I couple of weeks ago I got some wonderful anaheim chiles at a local fruit stand and turned them into a double batch of this awesome green chile enchilada sauce.  This stuff is all kinds of yummy!  I'm going to use it in the easy Green Chile Enchilada casserole.

Thursday - First day of school!  Another family favorite - Sloppy Joe's.  This is my all-time favorite recipe for sloppy joes.  It is the "it" recipe for me.  If I tried another recipe - I'm sure we'd have a riot in my kitchen!

Friday - Easy easy is always my mantra on Fridays.  I'm always worn out form the week and if it isn't super-easy - I won't get made!  This Jamaican-Spiced Chicken Thighs. I'll start them marinating in the morning and grill them 'em up! 

Saturday-Sunday - I'm going to a seminar this weekend.  I won't have time for any great cooking.  :(  

I'm glad to be back!  Leave me a comment and tell me what you've been up to this summer!

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