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Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year Resolutions and "The Pioneer Woman Cooks"

Welcome to 2011!  I haven't been much in the meal planning mode through the holidays - just finding recipes and making them.  I have 2 major food related resolutions for 2011 and I'm happy to report at least one of them has to do with more blogging!

Last year for Christmas (2009) my Chickies gave me the "The Pioneer Woman Cooks".  I made the Macaroni and Cheese as written in the cookbook and lots of her recipes from the website.... but for this year I've decided that I will make every single recipe in her cookbook, take a picture and blog about it!  YEA!

For our first recipe, KK had me a pick a number from 1 - 247 (the number of pages in the books) and I picked number 47 - Eggs in a Hole. 
It was a quick, easy breakfast that we all enjoyed.  Eggs, butter, and bread - what's not to love!

Next up is Marlboro Man's favorite sandwich (picked out by KK).  Stay tuned for the results.  If you want to cook along - I'd love that.  Just post the link to your blog here in the comments or on my Facebook wall at HICK CHICK WA.

And.. oh, my other resolution - to enter at least one cooking contest a month all year long.  :)  I'm doing very well with that one.

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Friday, January 1, 2010

Pancake Puffs with Cinnamon Cream Syrup

Okay... let the laughing commence about the photo.  It stinks.  I'm aware.  Thanks.  LOL I think it looks like some weird meatballs with gravy, but no.  LOL Not even close.

Its really a pancake puff - with syrup!   I'm not a pancake lover - but last year for Christmas, I wonderful friend gave us a pancake puff pan.  It makes the niftiest little pancake balls - I didn't fill them with anything today, but instead made the Absolute Best Pancake Syrup, which it is - if you are searching for a cinnamon cream syrup!  Since the gingerbread eggnog has left our grocery store - I had to make regular ol' buttermilk pancakes.  Okay, but not even on my yummy radar like the eggnog ones were! 

Please pick yourself up off the floor and stop laughing now!

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