Monday, October 5, 2009

Review Time

Cheeseburger Soup ****
This was a pretty tasty soup. I didn't crockpot it because a 2-hour crockpot recipe doesn't really do me a lot of good when I work all day. It seemed a bit thin, so I threw in a couple handfuls of mini penne. KK loved it.

Beef Tips w/Zip! *****
I make a similar recipe using red wine for the liquid that I love and this is a close second! I was going to use the leftovers to make a beef pot pie, but they disappeared!

Virus Killing Soup *****
This was a terrific chicken soup. I ran out of red pepper so I used a couple healthy shakes of a creole seasoning. It was enough to feed us twice with leftovers each time. I made it Sunday and then Monday skimmed the fat off the top, added some egg noodles when it was simmering and SS had 3 bowls! A winner by all accounts.

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