Friday, August 22, 2008

What a Week!

What a week it has been in my world! I have a whole camera full of wonderful pics I want to share and tell stories about, but those will have to wait a few more days and I'll just tell you about this week.

It all started with a trip to Moses Lake on Monday to get KK the spinal x-rays being requested because of some pain she is having in her lower back. She has been complaining for a few weeks (like 6-8-) that her "butt" hurt when she stood up after sitting. So I mentioned it when we were in the doctor's office for something else and he ordered this x-rays just to make sure it wasn't more than growing pains.

Apparently the first set of x-rays only revealed the need for further x-rays. We went and had those done on Thursday evening. I stopped at our clinic this evening to see if they had the results.... they did. She has some big word congential abnormality in her vertabrae. The only thing I really know at this point is that there will be a pediatric othropedic specialist in our future. I don't really think it is seriously serious, or diabiltating or anything like that. I'm just sad for my baby there doesn't seem to be a clear easy answer for her pain. She is just afraid they are going to give her a shot. For such a tough little thing, she is a big ol' bag of whimpy when she has to get a shot!

In addition, to that stress, we lost a pet. For the past 5 1/2 years, we have had 3 Grow-a-Frogs co-habitating with the girls and I. I have always thought these were the hardiest pets ever - and such a conversation piece! People were always like "Are those FROGS?". Tuesday KK called work almost hysterical, "I think Lily is dead." You must understand, that I have had this conversation before, and it always ends with me saying "Are you sure, or is it sleeping?" Which they did quite often, laying perfectly still on the bottom of the tank. But something in KK's "Yes, I'm sure." told me that she WAS really sure. I almost started crying and was very sad, that a fixture in our lives for such a long time had left us. According to the website, the frogs have an average life-span of 5 years, so I can only assume she left us because of old age. We had a lovely little frog funeral that evening and buried Lily the frog along the fence line by our shop. I'm a little alarmed that the other twos' days could be coming to end fairly soon. :(

On another side note - I have discovered another very weird idosyncrancy about myself. I have to have things symmeterical. Especially things printed. I had to print up little cards at work to keep track of people's leave on - I think in the past they were just copied onto card stock and then cut. It made me insane that some where different sizes, that the boxes were extremely small to write in and the whole thing is was just slightly askew. I was trying to figure out how to print two out on a page, and have the same margins for each when cut in half. Anyway, I mentioned my dilemma to Shermie, my new co-worker, his comment was "uh, that is so OCD." Which kinds cracked me up at first, ME - OCD???? I only wish, but the more I thought about it I decided it was probably true - I can handle dirty dishes, dust bunnies, but I get nuts when I seeing printing this is not aligned - pretty much OCD, huh? I really wish I could trade my need for lined up pages, for a need for clean dishes!!!! BWAHAHAAHAH!

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