Monday, May 31, 2010

Average Everyday Meal Plan

Yep... that's pretty much the story of the day.  This is just an average week.  Little league.   Work.  Not much else.  :)

Monday - It's Memorial Day!  Bless all that have served our Country - in the past and currently.  I didn't get around to that Beer Butt Chicken on Saturday, but it smellin' awesome on the grill as we speak!  I have some corn soaking for Grilled Corn on the Cob.  Plain strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.

Tuesday - Back to work.  And little league.  What's the spell?  Crockpot!  LOL KK loves stroganoff - she is very fond of this Hamburger Stroganoff, but I wanted a crockpot version and decided on this version.  

Wednesday - My friend HoneyB (aka Shelby) - made this Shoyo Chicken look so good on her blog last week, it was just impossible not to get it on my meal plan this week!  She makes everything look great!

Thursday - More work.  More little league.  What's that spell?  MORE CROCKPOT!  LOL I was looking for something different and non-mexicany do to with my pork roast.  This South Shore Pork Roast looked interesting.  

Friday - I'm ALWAYS a slacker on Friday's.  I didn't make Sloppy Joes last week.  The Chickies were not happy.  I'll try to do better this week!  

Saturday - Wednesday of last week was not a good grilling day.  The Indian Tandoori Chicken did not get made - but I'm determined.  I really want to make it!

Sunday - All winter long I was perfecting my Sassy Chicken Noodle Soup recipe...... and I think I finally got it right.  And then I quit making it every week.  Apparently that has made SS very sad.  "Momma - how come we don't have your special chicken noodle soup anymore?"  What's a Momma to do - except make it for her even if it 75 degrees outside, right?

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Final Stretch to Summer!

This time of year can get crazy with the Chickies.... trying to finish up year-end activities, little league, and longing for summer vacation just to get here!  I was extremely busy at work last week, and again regretted not having a meal plan!  Here's to a better week!

Monday - I found some cube steaks in my freezer, but really wasn't feeling the Chicken Fried Steak love - these Easy Minute Steaks seemed like a good choice for something different - I will probably do a can of cream of mushroom too ('cuz I"m a sucker for a creamy-ish gravy), mashed potatoes, will make a perfect comfort food dinner!

Tuesday - We are starting into have little league games every Tuesday and Thursday through the end of June - so my crockpot will be getting a work-out!  I scored some of those little pork roasts at Costco - they are 2-3 lbs. each and you get for for $16 or so!  I use them for everything.... I also have a jar of La Victoria Salsa Verde in my fridge that is only missing a couple of tablespoons - it seemed like the perfect use called for in this Chile Verde recipe plus I do have a giant pack of Costco tortillas that need to be used up too! (I will do it in the crockpot even though the recipe doesn't say to do that.)

Wednesday - I'm hoping that the weather is wrong and Wednesday will be a good grilling night!  I've been wanting to try this Tandoori  Chicken for awhile

Thursday - Crockpot is out again tonight.  I really like the sounds of Tuscan Pasta Chicken Crock Pot. I'll do the spaghetti separately when we get home.

Friday- As I've said before, I really have to have easy and yummy on Fridays or I never get it made.  So, I'm turning to the Chickies favorite Sloppy Joes.  They always earn me lots of "Momma - you are the bestest cook!" comments! :)

Saturday - I still have a couple (or um... like 5) whole chickens in the freezer.  And again... I'm hoping for a good grill day - but if not a good all just do a beer-butt chicken in the oven instead. 

Sunday - KK said we haven't had meatloaf in a really long time.  So, we will try out this recipe that is next on my list (quest) for the world's perfect meatloaf.  :)  If I'm feeling extra culinary - I might make PW's Basic Macaroni and Cheese too!

Have a great week!

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Monday, May 10, 2010

Lesson Learned

Did you notice I didn't post a meal plan last week?  Well, let me tell you - it was a lesson well learned.  I had one sketched out on a piece of paper along with my grocery list..... which is how I meal plan.  I make a list of my meals each day, looking at my schedule, and make a grocery list off of that.  BUT, I never got around to making it "official" and going "official" grocery shopping.  Boy, did I regret that when Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday rolled around and I had an IDEA of what I wanted for dinner..... but not the ingredients.  Then I end up in the store - buying things I don't need or want!  So..... to avoid another week like that:

Monday - Easing back into meal planning with the easy stuff.... Shake 'n Bake pork chops and PW's Baked Lemon Pasta.  KK especially likes that pasta, as she is a huge fan of the lemony things.  I usually use orzo. 

Tuesday - KK's softball team is making up for a game that got canceled last week due to the 65 mph winds we had here (uh... yeah, that wasn't much fun - thanks for asking!  LOL).  SS is starting into Little League practice - so as you guessed, not rest for the wicked!  And of course, that means I'm pulling out the crockpot.  I have no less than 7 whole chickens in the freezer right now (uh... yeah, I do have a problem - thanks for asking! LOL). So we will marinate it overnight in my favorite chicken marinade and set it in the crockpot pot tomorrow morning on top of some potatoes in tinfoil.  Don't forget to use the groovy slow cooker liners from Reynolds.... they are AWESOME! 

Wednesday - We are going to ramp up into the unknown on Wednesday with a Chicken Curry dish.  It calls for a mango chutney, which I couldn't find in my store.... but did find this Mango Chutney recipe that I'm going to scale to 1 cup to use in the dish.  I just happened to have 1/2 a bag of frozen mango's that need a home too.... 

Thursday - Today is SS's 11th birthday!  How did my baby get to be 11????? Who said that could happen?  LOL She has Little League practice tonight.... but I'm making her what she requested:  Mexican Lasagna.  She requests it all the time, but I rarely make - I thought it was OKAY before, but she loved it... enough to request it for her birthday dinner!  I think it is the refried beans she likes so much... she is a sucker for squished beans!  LOL

Friday - So, you may have noticed that a cake was missing from SS's birthday dinner?  Well... never fear - I'm not a terrible mother, I'm just saving it for tonight when she has her little friend's over for a sleepover!  I'm making this (probably on Thursday night so it has time to get yummy for Friday) Yellow Cake with Fudge Frosting.  Isn't that picture just insane?  It makes my mouth start to water just looking at it!! Plus we are having a copy-cat version of White Castle Sliders.  We don't have White Castle around here.... but I hear they are pretty yummy little sliders and I hope all the little girls think they are cool!

Saturday - Since we will have a plethora of little hungry mouths to feed on Saturday morning.... I might just actually have to make a breakfast that involves more than just cold milk and bag 'o cereal.  LOL My mom used to make a dish similar to this.... but never used exact measurements, so I can't say if this is really like it or not.  We called it Goop and it was a staple of our weekend breakfasts.  SS requested it for her sleepover breakfast and I'll make Never Fail Biscuits to serve it over.

Sunday - We are out of spaghetti sauce and chicken stock!  That will never do.  We'll make a day of having big ol' pots of goodness simmering on the stove.  I think we'll just have spaghetti since it'll be easy!  :)

Have a wonderful week and I promise to not let my meal plans slide anymore!  (uh.. yeah, for my sake more than your- thanks for bringing it up! LOL)

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