Monday, February 8, 2010

Mid-Winter Break!

YEA!!  It's a four-day week for me this week, and only a 3-day school week for the Chickies.  PLUS, a four-day weekend!  YEA!

Monday - I have some cube steaks that need to be eaten and instead of just the same old chicken-fried steak, I thought something different for us like Cube Steak Parmigiana might be good.  I'll use my homemade sauce instead of what is listed.  I think the Chickies will like it!

Tuesday - KK requested the Hamburger Stroganoff.  It is her favorite thing currently.  I'm not sure how it replaced the shake n' bake pork chops, but she loves this stuff!

Wednesday - Piano lesson day!  I have a few potatoes that are starting to go south, so I figured potato soup and grilled cheese.  Simple and easy and well-loved by all!

Thursday - I found a bag of chicken hind quarters on sale for $4.99 (a ten-lb. bag).... I need an intervention for buying chicken on sale!  I swear I have 6 or 7 whole chickens, these hindquarters, PLUS a huge bag of boneless, skinless breasts.  At any rate, Simply Great Chicken will be a great use of those hindquarters.  I'm also in lurrrrrrrvvvvvveeeeee with Dishy's Herbed Rice Pilaf. I've made it a few times, added different veggies on their last stand in the fridge and the Chickies love it too!  A very nice side dish to any meal.

Friday - I thought we'd try something different for us..... PIZZA!  I'm not a huge fan of pizza.  GASP! SHOCK! HORROR!  I will be home on Friday and might try my hand a making a pizza dough.... recommendations on a easy yeast dough would be appreciated.  I will make Easy Pizza Sauce and have go for basic pepperoni.

Saturday - Shamefully hanging my head.  I still haven't made tilapia with baked lemon pasta.  I need to make it or the lemons I bought specifically for this will have had a wasted life.  Poor lemons, we can't do that to them!

Sunday - Valentine's Day!  I don't know what we are gonna do - I thought and thought and thought about what I wanted to make - nothing was jumping out of me.  I might just take my Chickies out for dinner.  :)

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Sammy said...

I've never made Cube Steak Parmigiana, I always use them for chicken fried steak (with extra gravy of course) but that recipe sounds good! Enjoy your short week, I only get a 3 day weekend -still no complants here :)

Kelley said...

Do you have a bread machine? If so, I have an extremely easy pizza dough recipe!


Susie said...

Kelley - Be sad for me, of all the kitchen appliances I own - I do not have a bread machine (or a kitchen aid!!!). Let's have a moment of silence for our sorrow! bwahahahahaah

Katy ~ said...

You just reminded me that it's a three day weekend. YAY!!

HoneyB said...

Susie, how about the deep dish pizza dough recipe from Cooking Light? That is the dough that I now use all the time because it makes both Grumpy and me happy!