Monday, February 15, 2010

Time Flies!

WOW.... February is zipping by!  I am going to be really busy this week at work, so we are keeping it simply and easy this week, plus maybe a little healthier?  I'm feel the effects of the potato chips I've been buying lately - we need a little more veggies with our dinners!

Monday - I didn't get to town with the chickies yesterday, but made it today.  All of our belly's are full of sushi and we are a happy family.  :)

Tuesday - Back to reality.  KK has her last basketball game of the season and I hope we are going to be having a victory dinner!  She loves just a plain chicken breast grilled up with a ton 'o garlic, some boxed noodles, and some broccoli.  To up that veggie intake we might have some canned peas too. ;)

Wednesday - Piano lessons per usual.  SS is going to ask her piano teacher if she can learn the "Star Spangled Banner".   She loves the piano and I love hearing her progress!  We never got to those potatoes that are their last stand last week, so it is potato soup and grilled cheese.  SS was really happy to see this and said "We REALLY get to have it this week, right?"  LOL

Thursday- Another quick and easy favorite for us... Sloppy Joe's.  SS's request this week.... she loves her some joes.  :)

Friday - I am happy to report that I'm a proud new of owner of a slow cooker (whew!).  It's that a fancy looking thing?  I had a coupon for 15% off at overstock so it made the total price with shipping less than $50!  The one that just quit working, only after 3 years, was close to $100!!  I hope we are going to have a happy, long life together.  LOL It's inaugural voyage will be with Italian Beef in Bucket.  Usually skip the mixed veggies and just go for pepperocini rings (that way you don't have to dig out stems!!).  PW had a similar recipe around for her Superbowl eats, but I think I will stick to the one with the dressing mix.  I love me some italian dressing mix!  LOL

Saturday - Okay.  I really, really, really have to make spaghetti sauce.  I am totally out.  The chicken are so ohhhhh very lonely without their saucy pals to hang out with in freezer!

Sunday - I'm sure we are going have ton 'o pepperocini beef left from Friday (after all.... it was a 5 lb. roast I got for only $10 - score!).  You know what the best use of that leftover beef is...... burritos!  I will cook up a big batch of pintos, mix in the leftover beef, put in a tortilla, a little shredded cheddar, wrap the whole thing up and call us a happy!  YUM!  That roast is so big - I bet we will have leftovers of this too.  I'll just throw this in the freezer with the spaghetti sauce and chickens for some random Wednesday night to come!

I hope all my friends who are suppose to live in a warmer climate than me finally get some good weather!

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HoneyB said...

Susie, your burritos with your leftover beef sound YUMMY! I am so bad, I have not planned anything this week! Things have been just way too busy for me (and this is the time I should have plans!)

Katy ~ said...

That IS one mighty fine slow cooker. Mine is pretty basic, thought I took the advice of some of the ladies on forum from a while back and now have 2 plus a teeny one for I don't know what, but I have it, grins.