Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Reward

Things on the single-mom front have been tough lately, particularly with KK. She was struggling at bit with some of the middle school classes. Her dad & I gave her a talk, even though he didn't want me to - I've told her she can't go with friends anywhere or have friends over at our house until she was getting at least B's in the 3 classes she was getting C's or below in. I'm happy to report that on 2 of them she is now getting A's (one teacher let her retake a test and she turned in some extra credit in the other) and is getting a B in the third! :) She elected to quit going to the after school program (which was just basically her hanging out with her friends for another hour and half after school) and go home. I think we have FINALLY found a good place again.

I feel like it is "the reward" for being called the "mean mom" a few weeks ago!

Now the other reason I'm proud: she got her 10 lb. star at WW last night! :) She is looking awesome (if not a little too much "teenager-ish" for my liking) and I'm very proud of her for doing so well. The other day she said something about so & so commenting about how good she was looking and I said something to the effect that I tell you that all the time and she replied, "well, you are my mom - you tell me that all the time. I never believe YOU!" BWAHAHAH

Now, SS hasn't been causing me much stress lately. She is doing very well in 4th grade, has been practicing the piano like a mad-woman, and has finally found a little friend to bond with. If she and KK would just quite arguing, I think my life as a mom would be pretty awesome! LOL

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Carrie said...

Good for KK! You two have been doing so well at WW!

Katy said...

Awwww, Chicky, I think you are a terrific mom. I can just hear the love in your words. Those girls are just being sisters, establishing their own identity (and territory!). They sound like great kids.

Wonderful WW news! An accomplishment to be proud of, for sure!

Anonymous said...

Sisters = arguing... it's a given! Yay for KK, both for getting her grades up and the weight loss! And give Sami some special love and a HUG,for being a good girl and maybe missing out on all of KK's attention. Kathye

Linda said...

Susie, my daughter still doesn't believe my compliments and says the same thing as KK. ;0)

Awesome WW progress report!