Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Repeat Week

Ecckkk... the sickness had a hold of us last week! It is cold and miserable and not at all spring like here. :( I'm so ready, ready, ready for some nice warm weather!

Because of the sickies in my house - not all the recipes from last week actually got made, as cup 'o noodle or top ramen is our go-to food no matter what the ailment!

Monday - I think this awesome sounding Mediterranean Tuna Salad is just the ticket. We will be going to Lowe's to check out paint for the mini-chicks bedrooms and planters for the herb garden I'm planning. I'm thinking that sushi needs to be on the lunch agenda. It is spring break here and I took Monday off.

Tuesday - NO POINTS! (Can you tell how I'm always so excited about that! LOL) This is week is is basic burger and fries from the joint in town. I'm so sad they quit making their version of a chili cheese fries, because I loved those things. Think fries, cheese sauce, ground beef, and pickled jalepenos... It was greasy heaven in a styrofoam container! I'll just have to be happy with the burger and fries this week!

Wednesday - I'm going for Moroccan Tagine that didn't get made last week.

Thursday - I found Lazy Chicken over at A Year of Crockpotting. I have the cutest mini-farfalle that need to be used up. I'll use my own sauce I made last week.

Friday - The family fave of shake n' bake pork chops. I think Roasted Cardamon Carrots will make a nice side.

Saturday - We never got around to the oven-fried chicken fried steaks last week either. Those cubed rounds steaks are still in the freezer needin' to be used up.

Sunday - I also never got around to roasted chickens last week (the spaghetti was voted for on Sunday instead of chicken).

Not as an exciting week as some, but isn't that the way life works?

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Linda said...

I'm voting for the no points night. ;) The Lazy Chicken sounds too easy!

Katy said...

Oh, dear, Susie, I am sorry that you and the little chicks have been sick. No fun at all. I agree--I am so ready for spring.

I'm loving the roasted cardamon carrots. Carrots are one of the three or four veggies we eat in this house, so I'm always open to new ideas. I hope you tell us how you liked them.

Great post. I always enjoy seeing what's cooking at your house! Hope everyone gets well soon, and that spring is here!