Friday, November 21, 2008

Piano Lessons

SS has started taking piano lessons (she had her 2nd this past Thursday). It was something she has asked to do for quite awhile, but we always did clogging and I didn't really want to add another night of activities to our world (I'm not really an out and about person in the evenings kinda person these days - I like to be home puttering my kitchen, being on the 'puter and generally hanging with the chickies!).

So, when we found out that there wouldn't be clogging classes this year, I found (or to be exact Mrs. S found) a sweet girl locally who gives lessons. First priority - she had to clean her room up completely to get to go to lessons (this was a feat in itself!), which she did with flying colors.

During the first lesson, my heart swelled with "I love this silly kid". It was basics, how to hold your hands - two notes and counting the notes in a measure.

I'm not a musical person - I don't have great rhythm. I had a tough time being a band geek in school, I was always tapping my foot to try to stay in time. BUT, the part I did enjoy was reading the music - so, I've been perusing keyboards and decided that I might want to learn how to play too! I think it would be fun, and I remembered how as a little girl I was totally enthralled with an organ that a friend of my parents had in their house.

Stay tuned (hahahahahah I crack myself up!) and see if it is a cool as I think!

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HoneyB said...

How cool! Bet you don't know that I am a pianist? I started lessons when I was in the 4th grade! I also play the guitar and marimba! I love the keyboards and its so cool that the lessons have begun and I hope you have fun too! :)

Anonymous said...

My friend, Diane, taught piano 20 + years ago and just started giving lessons again! She has two adults and one teenager so far and is loving it. I have no musical abilities in any size, shape or form, or I would be tempted. It would help shorten a MN winter. Shelby, good for you and your talents, I jealous...

Anonymous said...

There is no music talent in my side but Collin gets it from his dad. he played the viola and now the electric guitar.
Good for you & your chickie!