Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Spirit

For some reason I've never really been a person filled with Christmas spirit, I'd say especially in the past 5 or so years. I'm not one who decorates my house from top to bottom - most years we are lucky if we have a tree! I don't really like shopping with 5 hundred million other people.

What I do like about the holiday season - making candies! I made fudge last night - it was a cheater's fudge, no thermometer or beating, but it is pretty creamy and delicious. I brought it to work and my hope is that we will all have taste tests throughout the season and then everybody can say what they liked the best. I also love to make toffees and brittles - I even got a really cool candy thermometer for my birthday last year (thanks to Miss Steph - who gave me that great Williams-Sonoma gift card!!!).

In addition, one of my main goals as a parent - aside from the "growing them into good people" is to give my kids good memories of our lives. I want them to be 30 and being reminiscing and say to each other "do you remember when mom took us to the beach and we found all the sand dollars?" or "do you remember how much fun we had when mom took us to that miniature golf place?". To that end, I'm planning a fun weekend involving lights, boats, and much Christmas spirit.

Maybe I'm not a what people traditionally think of as a person brimming of Christmas cheer - but I really am trying my best!

Stay tuned next week for pics of our weekend adventures!

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Darin and Angie Smith said...

Fudge #1 - a dark chocolate taste, no nuts, good texture, not dry, holds shape perfectly
overall =4
my preference =3 (i don't really like dark chocolate)

HoneyB said...

Yumm. Fudge. lol. Ok, that reminded me of Homer Simpson. :-p

Linda said...

Love the new look, Susie!

I made a bunch of that same fudge recipe yesterday!!

Susie said...

Shelby - :)
Granny - Great minds think alike! ;)

Darin and Angie Smith said...

Fudge #2 - a delightful, smooth mix of chocolate and peanut butter with just a hint of nuts.
Overall =5
my preference = 4.99
( i don't want to give out a perfect score yet, i still want you to be motivated to make more!)

Steph said...

I agree with Angie, I'm not a fan of dark chocolate. From this point forward, I give my proxy vote to Angie for use as she sees fit.