Sunday, November 9, 2008

Homecoming Week plus Halloween

Since KK is now a 6th grader and in middle school, we had our first taste of the dress-up days and this year, Halloween was thrown in for good measure!

KK had a handle on the "Crazy Hair Day". She wanted her very own 'fro and I did my best to oblige!

My favorite day was "Super Hero or Teacher Day". KK didn't want to be Supergirl or Wonder Woman, instead she said "I want to be Mrs. C." How cool is that???

Not to be outdone by KK getting all the fun all week long, SS and I dressed up for Halloween.

SS was a terrific "Japanese Girl" and I was really impressed at how well she turned out!

I was a "little girl" - what could be better than wearing your jammies to work??

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Darin and Angie Smith said...

Now can you admit how fun it is to dress up?
Oh was that a Friday, did I see you at work?

Susie said...

I'm not sure if you saw me or not, this hippie was around and thought I was KK! BWAHAHAHAHAH