Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome to Busy!

I've got a busy week looking me smack in the face!  Three volleyball games, piano lessons, orthodontist appointments, a wedding, not to mention work and a meeting out of town!  Whew!  I'm long for NEXT Sunday already.

The first of the volleyball games is here tonight.  KK is feeling better from her sinus surgery and gets to play again.  She is very excited and I'm excited to see her improvement over last year.  I "hear" that she has a pretty good serve - I can't wait to see!  We need a pretty quick dinner and SS has been asking for GOOP.  It is what my family always called Creamed Eggs.  Of course, my momma never used a recipe - just made a nice thick white sauce with cut up hard-boiled eggs.  We usually had it over biscuits (which I don't think my mom used a recipe for either), but I'm partial to these Never Fail Biscuits..... and truly - they never fail!

Second volleyball game tonight out of town.  I have a meeting to go to first, then I'll go to the game.  We will just grab something on the way home.  

As I mentioned last week, we started piano lessons again on Wednesday nights.  I just love listening to them practice.  We will have some spaghetti tonight.  Quick and easy and loved by all!
Another volleyball game tonight - out of time again, but I won't be able to make it.  SS & I will have some Famous Dave's Country Roasted Chicken.  I will do the whole marinate think and put in the slow cooker so it will be fall of the bone yummy when we get home.  

I'm usually beat on Friday nights.  Easy, easy, easy is always what I'm looking for.... otherwise, it just doesn't happen and we eat random  cup 'o noodles or something similarly not good.  LOL No this Hudson's Bake Tilapia is easy and TASTY!  The dill sauce is yummy!

Easy is the name of the game.  And my all-time favorite easy dinner, Chicken Thighs Alla Puttenesca.  Seriously if you have not made this.... YOU HAVE TO!  A few weeks ago I got a box of heirloom roma tomatoes from a local veggie/fruit stand and fire-roasted them on my gas grill and froze them.  This will be my inaugural run with those tomatoes. I can't wait!

When I saw this Beef Stew with Dumplings I knew I had to make ASAP!  I can't wait until Sunday to have this making my house just smell amazing!
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Linda said...

Love the title of your post. ;) And I love your enthusiasm!