Sunday, October 10, 2010

More of the same!

It happens.  Not everything I put on my meal plan gets made.  Sometimes I'm too tired, sometimes I forget to take out the ingredients, sometimes we get better offers.  LOL  So.... here is a the new week - with a little bit of last week!

I didn't make the Caramelized Red Onion-Feta Burgers two weeks ago.  I know, I know..... they are my recipe after all, but I've made them so many times. LOL But the Chickies are so begging me to make them.  I bought all the ingredients - I guess I have no excuses!

We are going on a favorite route with Shake N Bake pork chops, but going for a different side dish.  Squash season has hit my local fruit stand.... and even though they had lots of different kinds, I went old school with a couple of acorn.  I thought this recipe with apples would go really well with the pork chops.  I'm going to take one of the reviewers advice and slice in half and roast with the apple mixture in the middle rather than the whole boiling and peeling route.

So, I have been entering a few contests lately.  I'm not as prolific as some people, but I have a few ideas swirling around in my head.  Today - I'm trying out an idea I had for Newman's Own Fall Into Flavor contest.  This is my second try.... let's just say the first try - nobody rated it over 3-stars!  I'm hopeful this renovated version goes over better!

KK is off to a volleyball game tonight (out of town), the only game we have this week.  SS and I will have some chicken noodle soup from the freezer.

I never go the tilapia made last week.  Good thing I wanted to try this Broiled Sweet and Tangy Tilapia instead of the regular recipe.  

I think we should have a fair amount of leftovers roaming around for Saturday.

I have never made Cincinnati Chili before.  I thought we'd give it a try and at least try for a 3 or 4-way.  :)

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Shelby said...

Susie, how funny. Your reasons for not sticking to a meal plan sometimes are the same as mine! :)

Linda said...

Good luck with the contest!