Saturday, November 28, 2009


My meal plan this week is sorta dull. No new recipes at all - just a few revisited and a couple pulled from the freezer.

Monday - The stew I made a few weeks ago made enough for two meals for us. I don't want things to get too lost in there, so I want to have it while I still remember it!

Tuesday - Shake n bake pork chops. ...........zzzzzzzzzz.............  Maybe someday the chickies will let me make something else with pork chops.  MAYBE!

Wednesday - Way last spring I posted a Coconut Shrimp recipe up, but it never actually happened... I found a random bag of coconut in my cupboard and that along with the bag 'o shrimp I got at Costco = a match made in heaven.

Thursday - I enjoyed the Chicken Thighs alla Puttenseca so much, I making them again this soon! That says great things about that recipe, because as you can see by my meal plans, that doesn't happen very often!

Friday - I posted this Red Beans & Rice awhile ago, but got side-tracked by this version, but I found a turkey kielbasa on sale, and have bacon leftover from my Thanksgiving appetizer recipes, so I decided to revisit this recipe. I also will use dried/soaked red beans.

Saturday - Back to the depths of the freezer for the chicken noodle soup. The chickies loooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeee my chicken noodle soup. I expect lots of slurping and "this is yummy" during dinner tonight!

Sunday - Also leftover from my Turkey day goodies where some anaheim chilies that I roasted up and made some of these green chile enchilada sauce that I will use for Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas. Last time I made them, with even with canned sauce KK declared them her favorite, even more so than an enchilada with red sauce.

I didn't get a meal plan up last week, but on Sunday (11/29) I am making a recipe I saw a few weeks ago on The Pioneer Woman Cooks. I know that some people dis The Pioneer Woman for "going commercial" or "arbitrary use of butter" - but I dig the The Pioneer Woman. She speaks to my 40-year old self. She is funny, self-deprecating, takes beautiful photos, and cooks up a storm. I usually drop by her website during my lunch time and say wistfully, "The Pioneer Woman is giving away a really cool knife today." My office mate said recently, "I think you want to be The Pioneer Woman". Yeah. So? LOL

At any rate, I saw this little short rib number and the kicker was it was served on polenta which I have been dying to make for a long time. YUMMY

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HoneyB said...

So you have definitely convinced me to try the Chicken dish! I think you would be proud to know I am on my 3rd week of actual meal planning! Definitely makes my life much easier.

Katy ~ said...

I'm a PW fan, too, and why shouldn't she go commercial. Earning money is not a bad thing.

I'm with HB, you've talked me into the chicken, grins.

Susie said...

HoneyB - I'm a believer in meal-planning. I never was before, but once I got into the swing it has been great. The giant PLUS in my world, I can incorporate all the great recipes I find in the world!

Katy - PW is too cool. LOL

The chicken will not disappoint!

Linda said...

Susie, you rock.