Friday, September 11, 2009

My World - My Dinners

Can you believe it is the middle September already? WOW! We just have the usual on tap for this week. Work, school, volleyball, piano, Weight Watchers.

Monday - I'm remember really liking this Crockpot Chop Suey from April. It made great leftovers for lunch the next day too.

Tuesday - The chickies were gone all last weekend, and that caccitore is STILL in my freezer. I have decided that I want to try my hand at some polenta to serve with it. I haven't quite settled on a recipe.

Wednesday - Piano lessons means crockpot again. I'll use one of my Costco pork roasts for these Sweet Pork Tacos from my cooking friend, Dishy's blog. I made them once before and seriously good.

Thursday - Weight Watchers weigh-in. I really really really really want to get to my 30.0 lb. mark today. I'm only .2 away and I want it sooooooo bad!

Friday - This Mexican Lasagna has been declared the winner over the AR recipe. SS asked for it specifically to be on the meal plan this week.

Saturday - I have been asked to give a cooking demonstration at our local supermarket, Harvest Foods, in honor of their 35th anniversary! I'm so excited, another of my cooking friends, Granny, turned me to these cranberry-feta pinwheels and these green chile pinwheels. After the demonstration we are off to a birthday party for my friend's baby boy. I'm sure she will be feeding us some seriously yummy food with along with a Tres Leche Cake.

Sunday - I have been dying to try yet another cooking friends' tartar sauce. I think the favorite Oven-Fried Catfish will be just the vehicle for that! Maybe some sweet potato fries? YUMMY!

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