Monday, May 11, 2009

Short Busy Week

I am still here!

Last week I was at a 3-day conference for WASBO (Washington Association of School Business Officials). It was an awesome jam-packed with information 3 days. It was well organized and they were feeding us every time we turned around, which although makes for an enjoyable conference - I'm not sure how it is going to translate to weigh-in!

As usual of late, this week is full of too many activities too!

Monday - We are off to our meeting and weigh-in. I'm not expecting great things - KK keeps saying "Dad is a diet saboteur" and I heard something about chicken alfredo while I was gone. We will eat in town (bad, bad, bad). :)

Tuesday - Little League practice starts - they practice every night for the next two weeks and then have games Tuesday and Thursday nights for the entire month of June. I actually really love Little League, you are ready for it to be over at the end of the month - but I was very sad last year when they tried shortening the season. I love watching how much my chickies have improved over the years. At any rate, we will be having catfish fillets (just lemon pepper seasoned). I wonder if they are going to be extra hungry or full from the snacks?? hmmmmmm....

Wednesday - THIS IS SS'S 10TH BIRTHDAY!!! My baby is gonna be 10?!!?!? Sniff..sniff.. How in the world did that happen, do you think? She asked for her favorite thing in the whole world. Spaghetti and meatballs, she loves her some spaghetti and meatballs! I also I'm making some sorta cookies for her class on Tuesday - I haven't decided which yet.

Thursday - I have another meeting out of town on Thursday. I'm a hopin' that since I won't be home until around 6:00 that their dad will bring them home fed. If not, well we'll just have to wing it.

Friday - YEA! We are home Friday night. I'm going to make Pork 'N BBQ beans in the crockpot. After my crockpot extravaganza week before last, I'm convinced that crockpot liners are worth the money! No scrubbing - just pull out the liner and put your next dinner in!

Saturday - For a little birthday party event for SS, we are taking a couple of her friends and going to spend the night in a hotel for a little swimming and delivery pizza action (something we don't get often living in the boonies like we do).

Sunday - I saw a bunch of whole chickens roaming around in my freezer. (BWAHHAAHHA) I'm still not tired of Famous Dave's Roasted Chicken, so I might even do two for leftovers for the week ahead.

You can't even imagine how much better I feel with a plan of action!

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Coleen's Recipes said...

"Busy week" sounds too mild for your schedule! Interesting about the crockpot you like them? I haven't tried them.

Katy ~ said...

Chicky, the dust just doesn't settle when you're around! Whew!

Susie said...

Hi Coleen... I noticed you were a "follower", so it's nice to see a comment. :)

I had never purchased those liners until a few weeks back, thinking it was a waste of money - why not just clean your crockpot? But, having used them I've decided they are the best things ever! I also am thinking they keep the edges from getting too "crispy" during long cooking. They are definitely worth it for me!

Katypi! :) Also, thanks for popping by and giving me your Mother's Day wishes. :)

HoneyB said...

Susie it is a wonder you had time to play scrabble with me as busy as you were. LOL. Good luck this week with the WI. I hope daddy didn't sabotage the diet too much.

Anonymous said...

I can't get roaming chickens in the freezer outta my mind ;)


Linda said...

Susie, the night at the hotel sounds like a wonderful idea! Glad to see you back.