Sunday, May 31, 2009

Food Blog Inspirations

There are some amazing food bloggers out there. I'm more of a "recipe-finder" type blogger, I don't take tantalizing food porn pictures of our dinner - but I do hope that some of you are finding inspiration from my blog, or at the very least some of the blogs I'm sending you too! LOL

This week two of my recipes are from HoneyB's wonderful blog. She is a pretty inspired baker (something I'm so not) but also has a lot of wonderful main dishes. She is just as nice as peach pie, too! (Even if she does sometimes kick my behind at Scrabble on Facebook!)

I also have been using Organizing Junkie's Menu Planner with Grocery List. It's a simple idea - but it keeps my plan and grocery list together. She is so smart!

Let's get on with my insane week, shall we:

Monday - sigh........ Weight Watchers. Gads. Bummer. It's been two weeks since last week was Memorial Day. Let's just say I'm not feelin' the skinny love. I think maybe we'll go have us some sushi and jump on to the counting bandwagon on Tuesday.

Tuesday - I have an admission. I STILL have not made HoneyB's Longevity Noodles. But you know what that little scamp did this past week??? She went and posted ANOTHER shrimp and pasta recipe that seriously sounds good. The new one is winning right now! :) We have baseball pictures and baseball, but should be home by 6:30 and this sounds quick and easy-peasy. (Not to mention so, oh, very good!)

Wednesday - So, since we have been on Weight Watchers I've been trying to broaden our non-meat options. Last week on my shopping expedition I bought a package of extra firm tofu. I had absolutely no idea what I was going to do with it - I figured I pick Carrie's brain over at Vegan Deliciousness and see what she had to say. Then wouldn't ya know it - HoneyB posted this: General Tso's Tofu! I adore General Tso's chicken and have even made un-fried Weight Watchers version before. I can't wait to try this!

Thursday - Baseball night again along with piano lessons just to keep it interesting. We have a small window between getting home from piano and having to leave for baseball (like 20 minutes). Come on - say it all together now: CROCKPOT NIGHT! LOL I'm going to adapt this Beef Tips recipe from Allrecipes. A little Garofalo penne (from my winnings) and we'll be on the way to baseball!

Friday - I found a package of pork chops roaming (with the whole chickens) in the freezer. Usually pork chops don't hang out too long because they are so loved around here - but these ones needs to get going! So, either regular shake n' bake or I might make my own if I'm feeling especially inspired. We haven't had couscous in awhile. I think we need to be eatin' more couscous!

Saturday - Well, I have to run off and try to get the AC in the Quest fixed again. (I tried last Saturday but they had to order parts.) Last week I ate at P.F. Chang's. I was chickie-less and sat in the bar, had some awesome Moo Goo Gai Pan. I opened my fortune and it said "You are going to get a pleasant surprise this weekend" and said to the bartender/manager "I hope this true because I could use some good news" and then told her about my car woes. It was about 100 degrees outside at the time and I told her I was about to drive home 70 miles without AC. She felt so badly - she bought my lunch! Wasn't that the sweetest thing ever? I'm going to have to remember to pay that forward very soon! At any rate, right next to the P.F. Chang's was a Famous Dave's BBQ. We all know I'm obsessed with the knock-off Country Roast Chicken! I almost ate there last week, but decided against - well now since I have to go back, you can guarantee I'm gonna have to see how well the real deal stands up against the delicious knock-off!

Also, when we get home from our car adventures we will run off to Mrs. S's "baby's" graduation party! Mrs. S throws a mean party and I can't wait to celebrate such a milestone event!

Sunday - Because I'm sure I will have over-eaten on Saturday via my Famous Dave's adventure as well as the party, we are gonna have grilled chicken on Sunday. Light and healthy people, light and healthy!

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HoneyB said...

Susie! I'm so glad I am inspiring someone! I have been so inspired by bloggers that I only have to start looking at blogs before I know what to fix for my meal!

The General Tso's was so delicious that I am making it again this week for myself. Grumpy can just eat it or heat a can of soup. hehe.

BTW, you and Karen both are kicking MY butt in Scrabble right now!

Katy ~ said...

Chicky, just shaking my head in amazement....

Carrie said...

Looks like quite the week - enjoy your tofu!

P.S. How come you and Shelby don't play Scrabble with ME? :P I'm easy to win against, just ask Jammers.

Rachel said...

I've been doing the mostly vegetarian thing for a little while now and have definitely missed General Tso's chicken - so I'm definitely going to have to try this recipe for tofu! You should check out springpad's weekly meal planner - it's a great way to organize all of your menus and recipes, I think you'll really like it!

Rachel @ springpad