Monday, May 25, 2009

Little League is Here!

The chickies have been practicing softball for the past two weeks, but this is the first week of real games. We are lucky enough to be a part of the "DAC Dragons" franchise - coached by the two D's: Mr. Craver and Big D (aka as Mrs. S's hubby). They are both awesome coaches!

Monday - Some of my menu is a repeat from last week, as we didn't stick to our plan very well last week. Not sure what was up with that! LOL I am still lovin' Famous Dave's Country Roast Chicken. If you haven't made it yet, please do it!

Tuesday - The mini-chickies really loved the Oven-Fried Catfish that I've done a couple of times. I found some Garlic Oven Fries at the Purple Foodie that I think will be awesome with the fish. KK LOVES garlic and I'm sure she will be diggin' these. We have the "early" game and will be home by 6:30 - plenty of time to get this made! I will have everything ready to go.

Wednesday - I made the lentil filling from these tacos awhile back for a different recipe, but I think this week we'll go straight out tacos with them.

Thursday - CRAZY DAY of the week. We have the "late" game - but before that we have piano lessons. We will have about 20-30 minutes between piano and having to leave for the game.Do I have to tell ya what that means?!!?!? Yes, the crockpot! LOL I haven't used my cool shaped pasta from Garafolo, but I was thinking a nice baked ziti-type thing would be good. I'm just sorta gonna wing the recipe, marinara from the freezer, random cheese from the fridge, maybe some veggies - I think it will be a hit!

Friday - I was up late on Sunday night, watching TV when I should have been sleeping. I was getting tired, but then Throwdown with Bobby Flay came on. I know some people aren't huge Bobby Flay fans, but I think he is pretty entertaining and I like Throwdown because HE LOSES and he usually does it gracefully. So, I stayed up because it was an episode I'd never seen: Meatloaf! The competitors looked fantastic! I think I was actually sucked in by the scrumptious looking mushroom gravy - sadly the recipe for that is not with the meatloaf - but I'm gonna give it a try, with a few tweaks. I think I will use 1/2 ground turkey and 1/2 ground beef. I will probably just make my favorite red wine/mushroom gravy - but I tell ya, that stuff in the photo looks good enough to drink!

Saturday - It seems to kinda a be an "oven-fried" kinda week. I Think I'll make up a big batch of skinless oven-fried chicken legs. They are SS's favorite - she never even notices the skin is missing!

Sunday - I still haven't made Shelby's Longevity Noodles. :( They need to be made! I want them soooooooooo bad!

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Linda said...

Chicky, your menus always sound SO good. Thanks for the link to those fries--they look delicious! Good luck with Little League!

Carrie said...

Yum - lentil tacos!!

HoneyB said...

You are one busy lady!!! I don't know I could keep up with you....You inspire me but I still haven't found the energy to plan my menu! Maybe I can do that today when I get home from work. Sure would make dinner easier!