Thursday, March 27, 2008

You Will Lose 100%

of the chances you never take. The ever knowledgeable Mrs. S. imparted this wisdom to me a few weeks ago. She is one smart cookie, that Mrs. S.!

A few months ago, I got this great idea on Monday night as I was watching TV with my girls…… I could be on Deal or No Deal! Heck, I'm silly enough. I can jump up and down and scream with excitement with the best of them! I have an angle; I am a single-mom living in po-dunk nowhere – just having quit a job I'd had for 20 years with a mortgage for the first time! I have great supporters, Mrs. S., Gem, a past co-worker, maybe a few current co-workers. I have the whole "I LOVE JEWELRY" twist. I'd be terrific!

Then I downloaded the application – ohhhhh my goodness. 11 pages of writing a rap, drawing a self-portrait, saying I'd never been convicted of a felony, and every other little incident in my life, I had my application filled out. Now I just needed a 5 minute video (on VHS no less!) to send off. That was the kicker for me… I was having a hard time getting it going. Ideas floated around in my head. I have been very busy lately with other life things, and not had enough time to actually get it done.

So….. imagine my excitement tonight when I was watching DOND and they flashed across the screen that they are having an open casting this Tuesday, April 01 at a casino only about 120 miles from where I live!!!! I am allllllllll kinds of excited. They said that the open call would be from 12-4 and that anybody in the line by 4 pm would be allowed a 1st round audition!!! Ohhhh my!

Do you think that there will be 1000's of people? What should I wear? Should I dress up? (what if we have to stand in line for like 6 hours or something?!?!?!?) or dress down? OHHHH MY Goodness! I'm hoping that Mrs. S can go with me!!!! I know it will be a tough squeeze for her since next week is Spring Break and she has 5 kids – but after all she is the one who inspired me to at least take my chance!

Any wisdom and comments of any sort are welcome! J

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LadyJayPee said...

I'd start watching it if you were on it, Susie! You GOTTA go for it. It's a sign. :)

What A Dish! said...

How exciting- I'd start watching it too if you were on it! ;) I have no advice about the casting call, but let us know how it goes!

HoneyB said...

You won't believe this!! My BF Rhonda's sister is going to the open casting YOU are talking about! Good luck!

GrannyLooHoo said...

Do it Susie!!! You are already a STAR in my eyes.

Susie said...

In Washington State Shelby!?!?!? Wow... I'm actually hoping for not a lot of people. We aren't going to get there until like 10 am. I hope there aren't going to be 2000 people in front of us!

Susie said...

It has been pointed out to me that I am making it sound like Mrs. S. invented this phrase. She assures me that even though she is pretty dang great, she did not come up with this phrase. LOL Whatever. She still rocks in my book. :)