Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Players

Because we are on the web, and we can only be so careful these days – I probably will only tell you my name (see the other post for my issues with that!). All the other people running around in my life we'll have cute little nicknames for this blog purpose. So here goes:

DD#1 – KK She is 10, in 5th grade and a hand full by any stretch of the imagination! She is very social and loves nothing more than talking on the phone to her friends and bugging her little sister. She is a clogger, a budding cello-ist, and loves softball. Well, okay she loves anything that lets her go hang out with her friends.

DD#2 – SS She is 8 and in 3rd grade. A much different little girl than her sister and we love that she lives her life on her own beat. She likes Digimon, Power Rangers, and Pokemon. She goes to clogging, but just because she doesn't want her sister to get something she doesn't.

The Pets – Well, okay – I'll tell you their real names! LOL Daisy is your doggy. She is a shi tzu princess and rules the household. Sunshine is our calico and is a nice friendly loving kitty. She makes me happy with her loving rubs and fat cat attitude. Mimzy is the new guy on the block. He is a tabby and still a baby even though he is starting to look like a lion! He is a klutz, where as Sunshine can jump and climb with ease and never knocks anything over – he is an accident waiting to happen.

BFF – We'll call her Mrs. S. I don't know how she'll feel about that – LOL, but, heck it is my blog! I've had her in my life since I was 10 and there are many times that I'm grateful for the fact she decided I'd be a good friend on that day in 5th grade.

My best friend who is not my BFF – Let me tell you something about my little Gem: she rocks my world. Seriously. She is the person I know that if I can turn to if I need help. Everything from the lost keys in the garbage to taking my kids for 5 days while I'm gone to a convention – she is always there to help me. I was blessed that day 9 years ago she entered my life.

The ex – hmmmm…. We'll just call him LMS and leave it at that.

I'll probably update this occasionally as I talk about others and what to explain who they are!

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