Sunday, April 25, 2010

Meal Plan Redux

My meal plan is peppered with things you might have seen before on my meal plans, but they have never actually gotten made due to various reasons.  (Mostly life!  LOL)

Monday- This is a new recipe/food for me.  I have never been a big fan of hotdogs.... but everybody seems to love brats.  I found some and this recipe for Beer Brats on AR.  It seems like a pretty standard recipe.  I'll report back if we are brat fans or not!

Tuesday - You saw these Thai Noodles just last week on the meal plan.   But Wednesday turned out to be a crazy night in our world and my friend, "Gem" offered me posole!  She makes the best posole and since Mrs. S. had dental work anyway - I didn't want to make it and her not to enjoy it!  It was the point!  LOL

Wednesday - I found some leftover Southern Pulled Pork from a few weeks ago in the freezer.  I really liked that BBQ sauce a lot

Thursday -   I had this Red Lentil Curry on the meal plan awhile back but couldn't find the curry paste.  I finally found some and my prized red lentils are going to be so good!

Friday - Shelby aka Grumpy's Honeybunch is a tad bit obsessed with Steamy Kitchen Ground Beef with Bejing Sauce. I made it before and while it is VERY GOOD and I'm making it again (which does say a lot in my world), it is mostly because I have the black bean sauce that I want to use up!  LOL

Saturday - I had this groovy looking stuffed pork chop casserole on the meal plan a few weeks ago, but it never got made and looks to good to give up on!

Sunday - I was hanging out over on Eating Ect. (she has so many gorgeous pics and great ideas!) and saw this unique looking Braised BBQ Chicken recipe that starts on the grill and ends in the even.  All I can say is I can't wait to try this with those chicken thighs in my freezer!

Everybody have a great week!

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Grumpy and HoneyB said...

I made the red lentil curry this morning and I really like it! I ended up using green curry paste - for some reason I thought I had red but didn't - but really, the recipe doesn't specify which! I cut the curry powder down to half thinking it would be too much for Grumpy but wished I hadn't. He probably won't eat it anyway!

Kelly said...

Oh, man. Your meal plan sounds soooo good. Let me tell you, brats are in a completely different league than hotdogs! Mmmmm...