Friday, July 10, 2009

Food Issues

I love food.... this blog can attest to that pretty well, I think! I love cooking, trying new recipes - I feel like I'm pretty culinarily adventurous. I'd like to think I tried most things at least once.

So, why then I'm a weirded out by normal, everyday food? My corn problem along with my soda flavor issues is well-documented.

But, I'm sad to say that might I will have to add yogurt to the list. I like yogurt. I LOVE Yoplait Light with all those yummy flavors. Dannon products - gag! Even Tillamook who's cheese, butter, sour cream, and ice cream I adore - doesn't float my yogurt boat. The worst offender: Weight Watchers. Gag, blech, gross. Even with the temptation of only 1 point isn't enough to make it taste good.

I'm weird. It's okay to laugh.

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Katy ~ said...

Suzie, you make me laugh. We all have foods we don't like that seem to be loved by everyone else. I don't like BBQ sauce, hot tuna fish (a huge gag is hot tuna fish sandwich with cheese!!!!, or lime in my drinks. You're not weird. You're unique!

HoneyB said...

LOL, I'm with you. I do not like the weight watcher yogurt either!

Linda said...

Hick Chick, I am shocked you don't like yogurt! :)) But at least you still like canned peas. ;)