Saturday, April 25, 2009

Another Crockpot Filled Week

Man... I was sick, sick, sick last week. I woke up last Sunday and thought to myself, "You have more than a cold girlfriend, you have a sinus infection." Sure enough, after a trip to the walk-in clinic and an x-ray - it was confirmed. It still am not back to 100%, but I do feel better than I did. I need to get to getting better as I have a very busy week ahead. And ya'll know what happens when I'm busy, the crockpot gets a work out! A Year of CrockPotting has been an inspiration for three of my recipes.

Monday - I volunteered (or was I volunteered) to be on a panel for our senior class project presentations. It starts at 6:00 - so I'll have time to come home and have a bite before I have to be there and I've been most intrigued by the idea of Buffalo Chicken Lasagna. I'm not sure how the mini-chicks are going to like, but there is always cereal, right! LOL

Tuesday - Tuesday we are going to get the chickies haircuts and then speeding off to get to the Weight Watchers meeting. I am determined to lose FINALLY and make it to 20 lbs. this week. Being sick has hopefully helped this tremendously! LOL I don't know what we are going to eat. Since we have to drive 70 miles round-trip to go these days, it is harder to plan on cooking something that we are missing.

Wednesday - Mrs. S. is having a chocolate party!!! It was a booth we saw at the Taste of Home Cooking School a few weeks back. It looks fun - I'll report all about it. But, before we go to the party I wanted to have dinner so that I wouldn't eat my body weight in chocolate and decided Lazy Chicken sounded good. It is is truly the world's easiest recipe. I used a wonderful Marinara from Recipezaar when I made it a few weeks ago, and I still have some of this sauce I froze. Served with a little pasta and a sprinkle of mozzarella - YUM!

Thursday - It's piano lessons as usual. Even if it isn't my turn to drive, the weather might be nice and Mrs. S. and I will take a nice walk while our girls are at lessons. I don't think she thinks I like our walks, but I really do - someday, if I grow another 5 inches I might be able to walk as fast as she does! But, I digress - I wanted another crockpot recipe "just in case" and thought a little Chicken and Brown Rice sounded good.

Friday - WOW! We've eaten a lot of chicken this week haven't we? How about some nice grilled steaks? Kittencal over at Recipezaar has tons and tons of awesome recipes. I thought I'd give her Steak Marinade a try. I might try a grilled onion or something "fancy" too. LOL BUT, I hear you saying "Susie, what????? No crockpot??" Well, never fear peeps - I just read that the best way to bake a potato is in a crockpot - ya know what goes great with steak and onions?!?! ;)

Saturday - I joined Taste and Create and sadly, didn't get the recipe made from Live, Love, Laugh and Eat with because of the crazy sickies. I was going to make a Mexican Lasagna from the Taste of Home Cooking School demonstration and use her salsa in the recipe. It's too late to submit the recipe, but not to late to make it!

Sunday - I have a boneless pork roast in my freezer. It needs to be eaten. I wasn't really going to make a crockpot recipe on Sunday, but then my friend, Dishy goes and posts Sweet Pork Tacos on her blog. What's girl to do??? Fire up the crockpot, of course!


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Anonymous said...

You are too cute for words!

Katy ~ said...

I am breathless just listening to your words here. Goodness, you are a whirlwind.

Hope you are feeling better!

Crockpots, YAY!

Susie said...

awww.. Jams. Thank you!

Katypi! I'm really not very good at being a "whirlwind", LOL - we'll see if I survive the week! :) And crockpots rock. I decided I'm using it so much this week, I just sprang for disposable liners - so as soon as one comes out another can go in without soaking! :)

HoneyB said...

You can make the 20 pound mark! I want to see pictures!!!! :o)