Sunday, January 18, 2009

Two Weeks

It has already been that long since my last post?!?! Where does the time go? I feel like the time just flies by, but yet here we are still in January. Here is what has happened in the past two weeks:

I worked 80 hours at the school, logged in a full 15 hours of orchard bookkeeping, turned 41, went to the chiropractor, took SS to piano lessons, took KK to the orthodontist, went grocery shopping, went to 2 Weight Watchers meetings, counted points for everything that went into my mouth plus KK's, went to a high school basketball game, had a rousing week of PMS, and wished heartily that spring would get on with it! LOL

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HoneyB said...

I know the time has flown and January is the longest darned month! You have been BUSY tough!

Katypi said...

HA! You didn't realize the time because you pack soooo much stuff into it. Good grief. I need to go lie down now. LOL

Linda said...

Hick Chick, I am sadly LOL at your post--I know it's been a rough month. Hang in there--it'll get better. :o)