Sunday, January 4, 2009

All the Cool Kids

.......are doing it! Taking pictures of their food that is! I'm always in amazement of all my foodie friends who take such cool picture of their food. Have you checked out some of my favorite blogs.... some of these ladies are seriously talented.

I barely know how to work my camera. BARELY. But in an effort to be one of the cool kids:

This is my new favorite spaghetti sauce recipe from

I pretty much stay true to the recipe - except I am not all the particular about what type of tomatoes I use... this batch includes crushed, home canned, sauce, and paste. I also had a little more red wine than it specifies. I love it..... spicy and salty. I make a double batch and freeze the left-over - we get about 4 meals from the double batch. Sometimes I might make meatballs for the leftovers... sometimes not.

Here's to more food photo op's in 2009!

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Susie said...

The spaghetti sauce kinds looks weird in the pink/green background, don't ya think?

HoneyB said...

Susie - you are totally cool! :0)

Alyson's Wonderland said...


Anonymous said...

I try to take picture of my food, and it never looks as good as some of those fabulous foodie blogs! I am definitely not a COOL kid!

And...yes, I too can barely work my how could I get appetizing photos of my food?

Your sauce does look pretty good though!

Katypi said...

Susie, you're an original. You are way cool. Even groovy!

Linda said...

Susie was the first to comment on her own blog post! BWAHAHAH!

Love your new digs, girl!