Sunday, April 20, 2008


Since this my blog and I get to talk about whatever floats my boat, I've gotta talk about the jewelry! I have been selling jewelry since February 2005 and I really, really love it! I recently changed direct sales company because I thought Jewels by Park Lane had a lot to offer, both to me and my customers.

Here is my company website:

The customer program is insane - for everything $30 you spend you get something for equal value for only $12 more. That's $60 of jewelry for $42! At $60 you get 2 at a $60 for $12 each (that is $180 for $84). At $90 you get 3 (yes, three!) at a $90 value for $12 each ($360 for $126). In addition, they run the specials all the time to get an extra item absolutely FREE!!! I tell people all the time that I find this company INSANE! I recently had a customer purchase $825 retail for just $225 including tax/shipping! Is that just not crazy?

Hostesses are an entirely different thing - they offer well over 25 items all at least $50 retail for only $8 for just having a show! Then, for every person who places an order you get a $20 credit - and things only get better from there! Special credits for hostesses, hostess only jewelry items and the list just goes on!

And listen to the JBPL warranty: if any items has any problems in the first 120 days (including tarnishing and including the baby grabbing it off your neck!) they will replace it for you FREE! After the first 4 months, they will still replace it for for just $5 FOREVER! Yes, forever. If they don't make that particular item in 2028 and you lost a stone, they will give you something from their current inventory of comparable price/style (i.e., earrings for earrings, bracelets for bracelets) for just $5. INSANE, I TELL YOU!

And guess what?!!?!? It is so exciting - they have changed our shopping carts and the website and you can now shop with me directly from the website and still get your $12 bonus items and have things shipped directly to you! Of course, if you'd rather order with me directly or better yet, let me come to your house and eat your snacks and talk to all your friends, I'd be more than happy to do that to!

Jewelry makes my heart happy. Truly it does.

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HoneyB said...

aw Susie! You and my Aunt Marlene would get along famously! She loves jewelery about as much as you do! Thanks for the site link, I am looking for something for the wedding and haven't found anything yet, so I will be browsing your site!

I think its great that jewelery makes you so happy! :-)

LadyJayPee said...

YOU...are a riot! That was the best sales pitch ever. Heading for your website to take a peek and I don't even wear jewelry out here on the "farm". :)

Carrie said...

Oooh, such pretty things! I can see why it makes your heart happy. :)

GrannyLooHoo said...

You are such a natural at this, Susie!