Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The "Deets"

Well, I did it! Thanks to help and support of Mrs. S. I got my 30 seconds of fame with the DOND people. After standing in line from 10:30-3:00 (a bunch of that outside in less than spring weather!) I got to talk to the casting director for 30 whole seconds about myself.

Mrs. S. and I had been practicing my spiel and we decided the jewelry-sparkly angle was the best bet. I woo'd, showed my shoes (per KK's instructions) and told them about my heart necklace with my mom & dad's ashes (which I was wearing). I felt confident and was really happy with myself for having tried! I didn't get asked for the second round questions yesterday (I was upstaged at my table by a recovering meth addict) but they said just because it didn't happen yesterday doesn't mean they aren't going to call me in 6 months, so my dream is still alive.

Mrs. S. was in charge of picture taking and she did a stellar job. I probably won't have time to figure out and post the pic's until this weekend, so definitely check back for those!

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LadyJayPee said...

Congratulations on taking a 100% chance on your dream, Susie!

HoneyB said...

I'm glad your dream is still alive Susie! Keep on dreaming!

GrannyLooHoo said...

Way to go Susie! I'm proud to know ya!

KimW said...

Wow Susie! Those were some...uh...interesting folks you were in line with! I am torn between the eyeball tatoo and the Doublemint Twins! Good for you for following your dream!

Carrie said...

Congrats on going for it and persevering through that line!