Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tuscan Chicken Penne Skillet

I guess you can tell, I haven't been much about blogging lately.  :(  I just keep feeling like..... you guys don't want to here about our same-o, same-o recipes of Shake N' Bake pork chops.  Or that we are having corn on the cob.  Yes, just corn on the cob.  But - September payroll is finished and KK is in volleyball and I"m feeling the need to be "culinary" again - so you might be seeing more of me around these parts.  :)

A few weeks ago I entered the Better Recipe Easy Week Night Meals Weekly Contest and I WON WEEK #4!  How cool is that???!?!?!  I'd love for you to make my Tuscan Chicken Penne Skillet and let me know how you liked it.  It is hearty, low-fat, and DELICIOUS!  It is even Chickie approved!

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