Monday, May 31, 2010

Average Everyday Meal Plan

Yep... that's pretty much the story of the day.  This is just an average week.  Little league.   Work.  Not much else.  :)

Monday - It's Memorial Day!  Bless all that have served our Country - in the past and currently.  I didn't get around to that Beer Butt Chicken on Saturday, but it smellin' awesome on the grill as we speak!  I have some corn soaking for Grilled Corn on the Cob.  Plain strawberries and whipped cream for dessert.

Tuesday - Back to work.  And little league.  What's the spell?  Crockpot!  LOL KK loves stroganoff - she is very fond of this Hamburger Stroganoff, but I wanted a crockpot version and decided on this version.  

Wednesday - My friend HoneyB (aka Shelby) - made this Shoyo Chicken look so good on her blog last week, it was just impossible not to get it on my meal plan this week!  She makes everything look great!

Thursday - More work.  More little league.  What's that spell?  MORE CROCKPOT!  LOL I was looking for something different and non-mexicany do to with my pork roast.  This South Shore Pork Roast looked interesting.  

Friday - I'm ALWAYS a slacker on Friday's.  I didn't make Sloppy Joes last week.  The Chickies were not happy.  I'll try to do better this week!  

Saturday - Wednesday of last week was not a good grilling day.  The Indian Tandoori Chicken did not get made - but I'm determined.  I really want to make it!

Sunday - All winter long I was perfecting my Sassy Chicken Noodle Soup recipe...... and I think I finally got it right.  And then I quit making it every week.  Apparently that has made SS very sad.  "Momma - how come we don't have your special chicken noodle soup anymore?"  What's a Momma to do - except make it for her even if it 75 degrees outside, right?

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Grumpy and HoneyB said...

We love that beer butt chicken and its so inexpensive to make ( a big priority in my home right now...). I am going to have to make one soon too.

That Shoyu chicken is really, really good - and Grumpy really, really loved it too. I think we are eating a lot alike also - I just posted a sloppy joe recipe that we have decided is the "one" for us. I found it on Mindika Moments.

BTW, I need to get back into my meal planning - hopefully when my vacation is over I will get back on track! Have a great week with your Chickies Susie!

Linda said...

How did the grilled corn turn out? I'd love to try it. I bought some corn from a farmstand last year and froze it, husk & all. We've been eating it recently & it still tastes fresh!