Monday, December 21, 2009

What I've Been Cooking

Here are some the recipes and reviews from things I've made been making - lots of holiday goodies included!

Eggnog Pancakes ***** 
I do not like pancakes.  I make pancakes about once a year - maybe!  I've made these little gems using some Hood Gingerbread Eggnog.  They were amazing... I ate two!  Then, I even bought another carton of eggnog to make them again - the snow day we had last week was perfect day to make 'em again for my chickies.  I even had two again!!  I did add some regular milk along with the full amount of eggnog to get the batter thinner.  I can't praise these guys enough!!

Slow Cooker Pineapple Pork ***
I wasn't impressed at all.  The pork was okay - the "stuff" in the crockpot wasn't good at all. It does not make me happy to waste all the stuff as just a cooking liquid.  I won't make it again, when there are better recipes for use of my pork roasts.

Slow Cooker Cranberry Roast ****
This was pretty good - I made it exactly as written, thickening the gravy with butter and flour (I'm usually a cornstarch slurry kinda girl).  The gravy was very sweet - KK wasn't a huge fan (SS doesn't eat any gravy except over biscuits!) but it might get made again.

Fudge ***** 
This is the easiest fudge ever.  It lends it self well to flavors - using peanut butter chips & 1/2 cup peanut butter, a blend of semi-sweet and milk chocolate, different nuts.  I've even added coconut and almonds (for a mounds treat) and peanuts and marshmallows (for a rocky road treat).  It is only limited to your imagination!

Microwave Peanut Brittle ***** 
This has been my go to peanut brittle recipe for a couple of years.  It is soooooooo easy.  The trick is knowing what wattage your microwave is - after that just make sure you are using the power recommended in the recipe.  After a couple of tries you'll know what it should look like for the texture you like.  It doesn't make a huge amount - which can be nice if you don't want to eat peanut brittle until Easter!  LOL  I don't recommend doubling the recipe though - just make two batches if you want more.  It is so easy & quick you can do two batches in less than 45 minutes.

Saltine Candy Treats ***** 
I've made similar candies in the past, but this is the recipe I used recently.  It turned out very good.  It is another easy candy that can be made without a candy thermometer (mine cracked yesterday!).

Divinity ***** 
This is not an easy candy.  It can be fickle and easily persuaded to be a good texture or a bad texture by the weather.  The batch I made was quite good - not gooey, not too dry.  It does require a candy thermometer and a lot of patience.  And a good hand mixer! (or better yet a kitchenaid, which I do not own!  I know, be sad for me!!).

Boston Market Copycat Meatloaf **** 
This was a different meatloaf.  The binder, rather than bread, breadcrumbs, or even oatmeal, is flour.  KK wasn't a huge fan - but I liked it well enough.  It still isn't the definitive answer for the meatloaf to end the search for the perfect meatloaf - but I would make it again.

Herbed Rice Pilaf ***** 
We had this with meatloaf and KK loved it (SS didn't partake of the meatloaf/pilaf meal - she was having tummy troubles).  I did add about 2 tsp. of Better than Bouillon instead of any salt - I like the chicken-y flavor it added.  I will definitely be making this again!

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Linda said...

I love your new template!

I've got to try those pancakes!

HoneyB said...

Susie, I tried to make Divinity this year and FAILED. I am going to try again though. I hope SANTA brings you a Kitchen Aid girl!!

msse said...

Was I ever surprised to see you on the Internet. Maybe you could send us poor teachers some of that yummy food!

Susie said...

Well... if I knew which teacher you were - I might! ;) LOL Your blog wasn't very informational in that regard. LOL

Katy ~ said...

Good on ya for making candy; I so do not have the candy skill. I'm just too clumsy and slow for the process. I do however, ENJOY other's candies.

The pancakes do sound good! I haven't see that particular egg nog so will have to look for it special. We LUVS pancakes!

Liza said...

Susie, just read the article about you and Pillsbury
in the LA Times. Hope you win it all. What is easiest way for me to find your spaghetti sauce? Can you email it to me? Thanks and again, all the best!

What A Dish! said...

Everything sounds good! My mom makes divinity sometimes- I'm too scared to try it, especially here, with 90% humidity!