Monday, June 8, 2009

Meal Planning Benefits

Okay, I'll admit it. I have always resisted meal planning. How in the world would I know what I wanted to eat a week from now? Would I be in the mood to make it? Would I have the ingredients? Then I'd use the best excuse of all "I don't have time".

So, back in January I started Weight Watchers (again!) and this time brought my mini-chickie, KK into the world of counting points. I struggled for awhile if it was the right thing to do on a lot of levels, but finally decided if nothing else knowledge is a good thing.

Right around the same time I was inspired by the magical multi-tasker Mrs. S. to make a meal plan.

Given that, I'd thought I'd share with you all the great benefits I'm finding from doing week meal planning. I also have to say, that I'm very fond of blogging about my meal plan - it keeps it where I know it is at, no piece of paper to lose!

1. I can manage my schedule. I can see if need to use the crockpot, plan on eating out, have events where I'm going to be eating high calorie and try to manage more low-calorie meals into the plan. Planning what you are going to eat is great weight loss tool.

2. I have all these great recipes I find all over the internet that I want to try, then when I want to make it who knows where I found it! Or I find it, bookmark it and never ever make it. Now, I'm inspired to actually get some of them made.

3. It helps tremendously on those nights when you are standing in front of the fridge at 6:00 pm trying to decide what sounds good (nothing that is in the fridge usually). Or that night where you just had a bad day at work, don't feel like anything but you know you have to do something ('cuz chickies have to be fed). It is tremendous stress relief not to have to figure out something on the fly.

4. I can make a better grocery list and stick to it. If I already have a plan, with recipes I make my grocery list from that. It stopped a lot of me wandering aimlessly, buying random things thinking "I'll make xxxx", buy one ingredient only to get home and find out I was actually out of 2 others essential for the recipe.

5. I like leftovers. Packing leftovers for lunch is totally good with me. It helps my wallet and my points.

I spend about 10-30 minutes a week on my meal plans - it varies depending on how many new recipes I am trying to incorporate. Also, I try not to get too hung up if something happens and something doesn't get made. Sometimes the chickies go to their dad's or go to friends and I might not make what I planned on making if we aren't all in attendance. There's always next week!

So, if you have been on the fence about meal-planning - I say jump in, the water is great!

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HoneyB said...

Susie your awesome!

Linda said...

Very good points, Susie! I like meal planning too--I find I do that a lot more on Weight Watchers, and it helps me eat much more healthily.